This Blog has been entitled Retirement Folly because like any folly it is a project of self-indulgence. The site has, effectively, been retired and is only retained for the sake of posterity. And, the limited value of a backlink to a new blog by the Spoonie Blogger.

Hello there! I am Stephen Walker, a.k.a. the Spoonie Blogger. I have MS, a diagnosis I was given in 1994. I have a preponderance for registering domain names for every new blogging idea that I come up with.

However, I can’t even remeber what I was thinking of when I registered this domain. It is of little consequence, what’s done is done.

I am sure that, given time, I fcan ind a purpose for which I can dedicate this blog.

But, in the mean time, I will refer you to my MS Health Blog site, where my main blogging efforts are currently taking place.

My health predicament makes it very difficult for me to try and mantain several websites concurrently. So, I will draw this very brief introduction to a close and hope to return at a later date.